The Cotswold Crowd wants to share with you few tips to help transform your bedroom space into a luxury suite.

Today  Cushions and Pillows.

Nothing says luxury hotel like multiple plush, well-stuffed pillows. If you prefer a flatter pillow for sleep, source an ottoman with a removable lid or a box for the end of the bed to store excess pillows in. The trick here is having at least two on each side of the bed, ideally plus a Standard Oxford sized pillow and even perhaps a decorative Square Oxford style pillow. Biggest to smallest, back to front. This simple rule ensures that the selection of fabrics and colours of the decorative pillowcases are all highlighted.

Symetrie - The laws of Feng Shui advise it for good reason. Two bed side tables with two lamps and two sets of pillows attracts good, healthy flow of energy for a harmonious relationship but also looks great. If you are aiming for a more eclectic contemporary look, don’t necessarily have to match just make sure there are two.

Selecting the proper pillow to help align your head and neck is essential to a good night’s sleep.

First, choose the right firmness for your preferred sleep position. Side sleepers need firm support, medium is just right for back sleepers, while stomach sleepers require a softer pillow. Synthetic is best for allergy suffers, most quality down or feather pillows have usually had their fillings processed in order to remove allergy-causing particles (dander), they would also normally feature a highly-containing case to keep everything in.. If you suffer badly from allergies or if you’re not sure then stick with hypo-allergenic synthetic pillow fillings. synthetic pillows last to two years, down can last five to ten. Also, look for tightly and rich woven cotton covers. Always use pillow protectors to help extend a pillow’s life. Wash the covers regularly, and your pillows will need less washing. Check our great selection of pillows from natural to man-made filling, all perfectively surrounded by pure cotton covers. http://thecotswoldbedcompany.com/index.php/bed-linen/pillowcases.html

.Now the perfect Bed Linen…

Having trouble navigating the bedding department? It’s no wonder, given the increasingly wide selection of fabrics and thread counts that are available. Keep the following factors in mind when you go shopping.

Fabric Content – Look for all natural fabrics, such pure Cotton, Linen, Bamboo or Silk. Natural fibre Bed linen allow the body to breathe and; with care, will last long time, making them worth your investment. Cotton pillowcases feels smooth and soft to the touch, and Egyptian and Pima cottons, which have a longer fibre, have a slightly more luxurious feel.

Construction – The way a sheet is woven is another important factor to consider. Cotton percale has a clean, crisp finish, while cotton sateen has a more fluid, satiny texture. Flannel has a soft nap to it that many people like for winter use.

Thread count – Fabric content and construction are as important as thread count, which means the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. Avery high thread count may be overconstructed (a high thread count marked “2-ply” may be the sign! and it means that is made from two yarns that have been twisted together and then woven) and fall apart with wash and wear. Therefore, not always very high thread counts will mean better quality.

At THE COTSWOLD BED COMPANY, we pride ourselves of the traceability of our cotton, we use exclusively single yarn cotton resulting in a softer, longer lasting weave with no harsh chemical “smoothers”. Our bed linen is thread torn not cut to ensure dimensions stay square. http://thecotswoldbedcompany.com/index.php/bed-linen/pillowcases.html