The Cotswold Crowd would like to share with you our favourite places to sleep around the world.

Weekend Nº 1 - The Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona

The feel is a mixture of neoclassical and colonial gentleman's club - like stepping inside a Merchant Ivory film. Everything about the Cotton House is classic chic - stunning beyond estimation with rooms that demand to be enjoyed to the full.

The original elements of the building have been conserved, such as the imposing marble staircase, delicate parquet and boiserie embellishing ceilings, floors and walls in some of the rooms. Also the famous spiral staircase built in 1957, the main feature of which is that it is not supported on the floor below, but is suspended from the metal frame of the upper floor, to give a light and airy aspect. At the same time, all the facilities of the building have been completely replaced, resulting in a distinguished setting full of history, yet modern and comfortable at the same time.

Part of the Autograph Collection, the Cotton House Hotel in Barcelona features luminous, layered spaces by designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, including a stunning library and a serene rooftop terrace. Bedrooms from £300 per night;