The welcome transition from Winter to Spring brings about warmer temperatures, the re-emergence of greenery, the lengthening of daylight and for some, it may also usher in new decoration, colour scheme or design. With this in mind – we thought you would be interested to learn about our favourite colours of the spring trend 2018.


Terracotta - which literally translates from Italian as “baked earth” - not only referring to the material commonly used in product and architectural design, but also a range of earthy hues stretching from burnt oranges to rose-tinged shades of clay embraced for decades by contemporary interior designers and stylists; It provides a neutral base meanwhile packing just enough heat to set a palette ablaze.

With a sustainable way of living becoming so increasingly popular, we’re seeing plants move inside the home and the colour palette taking on shades of foliage and terracotta; A transition we are embracing with the warm sun-baked colours giving rooms an immense sense of down-to-Earth elegance.

Indigo Blue

As an antidote to the fire of terracotta, another colour trend is inky blues.  This latest colour obsession is the perfect tone for your bedroom and living space, as according to colour psychology blue is the colour of the mind, instilling a sense of calm and serenity; deeper blues are attributed with aiding clear thoughts and, who are we to argue - apparently, it is the world's favourite colour!    

If you're feeling bold you can make a dramatic splash by having your whole walls decorated in the indulgent tones - pairing this with rich velvet textures and lighter coloured furnishings for a truly cool-luxe twist. To enrich the cool ambience of a room, adding natural wood to the scheme will provide warmth to the design.

If committing to such a statement design isn’t for you, perhaps consider adding hints of the trend with a throw, cushions, headboard, small stools or a vase. This blue is a crowd pleaser, complementing whichever style you’re aiming for -  contemporary, bohemian, classic, French or eclectic!